Dental Implants

Dental Implants Holtsville

A solution for patients who prefer not to disturb the adjacent teeth is dental implants. This is also sensible for patients looking for alternatives to ill-fitting removable dentures. If you are considering implants, an evaluation at Dr. Mann's Holtsville office will determine if you are a qualifying candidate.

Information regarding implants

The 1970s saw the introduction of modern dental implants. Some of the first human civilizations, however, had realized the benefits of the procedure. The first known implants in history were by the Mayans circa 600 A.D. Unearthed human skulls contained stone in place of teeth, showing evidence of primitive dental work. While early modern replacements for teeth were a generic size to fit any size jaw, recent technological innovations have allowed for specific shape and type.


The benefits of implants outweigh other dental work. When a tooth is missing from its spot, that specific area will have surrounding bone which is susceptible to deterioration. The implant will strengthen the bone profile. Dentures are unable to accomplish this and do not allow for proper chewing. If they are not fitted properly, bone loss will be the result. And that leads to further complications.

Prior to the advent of modern implants, healthy material from adjacent teeth was compromised. Pieces would be removed, creating a gap to insert a bridge. Unfortunately, this appears less natural, is more difficult to clean and does not help to preserve what is underneath. With implants, the teeth will be safeguarded and look natural. The implant itself, which replaces the root, is minimally invasive and constructed of titanium. This high-strength element is actually quite common within the earth's crust and is combined with other metals for use in industries such as aerospace.

Implant and crown care

Just after the surgery, it is crucial to maintain cleanliness of the interior of the mouth. Brushing of teeth is fine, although it's wise to go easy on the area in question. Rinsing with saltwater is recommended if a little bleeding occurs, but only after a full day has past. The recipe calls for one tablespoon of salt combined with eight ounces of water. Make an effort to do this after food consumption.

Although crowns and implants can be removed by a dentist, proper care for artificial teeth is nonetheless required. Routine oral hygiene should not be overlooked. Toothpaste, floss and various rinses still need to be involved for efficient oral care. Don’t forget about scheduling appointments with your dentist in Long Island for regular check-ups, x-rays and cleanings. Healthy dental care is a team effort. We all need to do our part to ensure the longevity of our precious teeth.

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