Dental Emergencies Long Island

Dental Emergencies Long Island

We are on-call 24 HOURS/7 DAYS A WEEK for emergency dentist service.

What is considered to be an emergency?

Immediate care should be given when a tooth is suddenly dislodged. The sooner, the better. The more time that passes, the less chances for re-attaching the tooth or teeth. If the ejected tooth is still in your presence, be absolutely sure not to touch the end with the roots. A tooth that has become physically displaced (loose or off alignment) could easily fall out completely. Until your dentist actually examines the unhinged tooth, do not attempt to force it back into position. Chips or cracks may not seem as urgent for Long Island dental emergencies. Still, examination before the appearance of an infection is crucial. Prior to seeing the dentist, be mindful of foods which are tougher to chew.

Basic self-help at time of damage to teeth

  • If tooth is cracked, use warm water to rinse.
  • Swelling will decrease by applying something cold on your face.
  • Never apply aspirin directly on aching teeth or the nearby gum.
  • Be cautious when chewing on hard foods such as nuts, candy and bread crust. One wrong bite at the wrong time can split a weakened tooth. In fact, avoiding these altogether helps too. Or, if possible, just soften the food. We wouldn't want you to starve.
  • It is possible that floss or a Waterpik will not remove what is lodged in the teeth. Do not attempt to introduce a sharp object in your mouth. This is too risky. Leave this to a dental hygienist.
  • Always see a dentist as soon as possible for Long Island dental emergencies. Cracks and other disruptions in the teeth or gum can cause infections if not treated in a timely manner.

Items to have readily available

  • Phone number of your dentist
  • Handkerchief or similar cloth
  • A full roll of gauze
  • Small container
  • Ibuprofen (avoid aspirin, as this may cause excessive bleeding)